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Thread: "(R)evolution", sci-fi novel, PJ Manney, 2015

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    "(R)evolution", sci-fi novel, PJ Manney, 2015

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    Published on Jun 4, 2015

    "Singularity 1on1: PJ Manney on her sci fi novel (R)Evolution"

    by Socrates
    June 4, 2015

    I just finished reading PJ Manney’s brand new novel (R)Evolution. And, while I was prepared for a stimulating nanotechnology and brain-enhancement science fictional story, I got not only that but also an action packed, character-rich, twisting and intricate thriller with a very generous sprinkling of classic realpolitik. Add a fictional plot (and issues) which may well become a real part of our near future and you will understand why I had so much fun reading her book and couldn’t help it but invite Manney for a Singularity 1on1 interview.

    During our 80 min conversation with PJ Manney cover a variety of interesting topics such as: her interesting and diverse background; whether there is any tension between story-telling and futurism; the definition and subject of science fiction; her goals and motivation; the Paul Simon song which inspired (R)Evolution; her admiration for Alexandre Dumas’ novels The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers; why she kills Anders Sandberg at the very beginning of her novel; realpolitik, secret societies and their role in US governance and politics; whether she is optimistic about the future of humanity…

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