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Thread: AI projects, Meta Platforms, Inc., Menlo Park, California, USA

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    Inside the Lab: Building for the metaverse with AI (2022) | Meta AI

    Dec 13, 2022

    Meta AI's Inside the Lab event streamed live on February 23rd, 2022.

    Realizing the Potential of AI Today and Creating the Experiences of Tomorrow
    Our researchers and technologists work closely with open source communities, academia, and partners to realize the potential of AI today, and create a new class of experiences for tomorrow. Through the power of AI, we will enable a world where people can easily share, create, and connect physically and virtually, with anyone, anywhere.

    00:01:43 AI in the Metaverse (Mark Zuckerberg)
    00:17:18 Unlocking the Metaverse with AI and Open Science (Joelle Pineau & Jérôme Pesenti)
    00:36:37 Toward Self-Learning Vision Systems (Piotr Dollar)
    00:49:17 Delivering Inclusive Technologies Through Translation (Angela Fan)
    01:04:37 Building the Assistants of Tomorrow (Albert Geramifard)
    01:15:43 The Path to Human Level Intelligence (Yann LeCun, Lex Fridman & Yoshua Bengio)
    01:55:45 Building Responsible AI at Meta (Jacqueline Pan & Stevie Bergman)
    02:08:38 Supporting Innovation (Irina Kofman)
    02:22:25 Closing Remarks (Mark Zuckerberg)

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