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    Amazing Androids

    Uploaded on Apr 3, 2011

    Science fiction has predicted the androids for many years and scientists are working hard to create artificial humans for decades. See some of the most realistic and bizarre machines with oddly human characteristics.

    1. Robotic baby looks realistic.
    2. Robot boy,created in Dubai.
    3. Robotic head with features very realistic
    4. Real Humanoid Female Robot, created in Japan
    5. The scary girl robot that appears to be in extreme agony was created for a movie.
    6. Alice, created in Switzerland several mimics human facial expressions.
    7. Jules, a chatty robot created by David Hanson.
    8. Big baby robot that "learns " facial expressions, speech and movements with their experiences and humans.
    9. Albert Einstein Humanoid Robot

    Video Edited by Gil Carosio
    Music by Kraftwerk ( Computer love, The Robots )

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    Robot Leonardo da Vinci

    Published on Sep 4, 2015

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    Difference between robot, cyborg, and android

    Published on Feb 1, 2016

    What's the difference between a robot, a cyborg and an android. John Iadarola asks Nerd Alert host Kim Horcher to explain differences in robots, cyborgs and androids. Are there other examples that blur the lines or break these definitions?

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