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Thread: Extreme terrain unmanned ground vehicles, ARGO Robotics, New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

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    Extreme terrain unmanned ground vehicles, ARGO Robotics, New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

    Developer - ARGO Robotics

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    J5 Rover snow demo with tracks

    Published on Dec 5, 2014

    Production Model Argo J5 Rover with Rubber Tracks in Snow Demonstration

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    J5 at Wildwood Bush

    Published on Jan 8, 2015

    Demonstrating the Argo J5 robotic vehicle over varying terrain in Wildwood Bush.

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    ARGO J5 amphibious robot - Taking the plunge!

    Published on Mar 5, 2015

    The ARGO J5 Mobility Platform demonstrating amphibious operation, entering and exiting water, taking the plunge, and swimming.

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    Atlas J8 XTR 150 gallons payload

    Published on Mar 13, 2016

    Argo Atlas J8 XTR out in the woods carrying 150 gallons of water and total payload of almost 1500 LBS! The beadlock wheels provide great stability and a smoot ride over rocks and logs even with such a heavy load. With 400 Ah of LiFePo4 batteries on board, there is a lot of power for continuous run times up to 8 hours

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    Lunar and planetary rover history ODG ARGO

    Published on Jun 6, 2016

    This video shows the history of lunar and planetary rover prototypes engineered and produced by Ontario Drive & Gear , Argo Space / Robotics Division. Also showing the commercialization of the rovers into eXtreme Terain Robotic platforms for applications here on earth.

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    Snowboard J5

    Published on Nov 11, 2016

    Snowboarding behind the Tracked J5 Robotic Platform from ARGO

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