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Thread: Industrial robots, Fanuc Corporation, Oshino-mura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

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    Robotic Packaging System Packs Cooking Oil Jugs - StrongPoint Automation

    Published on Mar 28, 2016

    FANUC America Authorized System Integrator StrongPoint Automation developed this automated packaging system to utilize FANUC’s highly reliable M-420iA robot for packaging jugs and bottles of cooking oil.

    The system seen here can handle a variety of different plastic jug and glass bottle formats – both rectangular and round – currently handling 12 different product types at rates of up to 144 jugs per minute. The FANUC robot picks rectangular jugs with a pneumatic gripper that has been machined to match the profile of the handle and the cap, while round jugs are picked using pneumatic bladders. Additionally, the system includes an automatic tool changer when different jug sizes are switched in and out of the system. This is based on a color-coding system.

    This innovative robotic packaging solution from StrongPoint Automation, along with robotic automation from FANUC, increased the customer’s existing line speeds by 50% and increased the customer’s uptime by 30%. The FANUC M-420i Series industrial robot provides sophisticated motion control and consistent performance with high productivity.

    StrongPoint Automation is a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of world-class robotic solutions and conveyor systems. To learn more please visit

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    Robotic snap ring groove deburring in less than 30 seconds - Redin Production Machine

    Published on Apr 8, 2016

    Snap ring groove deburring:

    FANUC America Authorized System Integrator Redin Production Machine developed this snap ring groove deburring system using a FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot to automatically debur the parts in less than 30 seconds.

    The system starts as a proximity sensor alerts the FANUC LR Mate that a part is ready to enter the system. The FANUC robot picks the part and places it onto the collet. The collet clamps the part, and the spindle rotates. An air motor with deburring wheel starts and the FANUC robot moves into position to deburr the inner diameter of the part. The FANUC robot holds the deburring wheel in position for one revolution and disengages. The FANUC robot then positions the deburring wheel to the outside of the part on the outer diameter groove for one revolution. The spindle stops upon completion, and the finished part is unclamped, picked and then placed in front of a sensor on the exit side of the conveyor. This process repeats continually using a specialized deburring wheel, which can debur thousands of parts before needing to be replaced.

    This one-of-a-kind robotic deburring system is just one of many high-performance automation solutions developed by Redin Production Machine for their satisfied customers. To learn more about Redin Production Machine, please visit

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    Setting up a new FANUC robot – Episode 1: unboxing your FANUC robot

    Published on Apr 15, 2016

    In the FANUC New Robot Set-up Series of videos we’re going to show you just how easy it is to setup a FANUC robot – Starting from the original unboxing, and continuing all the way to setting a working real-world application.

    In this episode, we’ll cover the unboxing procedure, what to expect, and things to remember to make your setup experience smooth sailing.

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    FANUC Innovative System of the Year 2016: Encore Automation Robotic Aircraft Prep & Paint Solutions

    Published on May 6, 2016

    FANUC America Innovative System of the Year 2016 Winner - Encore Automation:

    FANUC America Authorized System Integrator Encore Automation specializes in custom automated surface prep and painting systems. Encore’s systems often address processes that have historically been very difficult to perform with manual labor. Encore overcame these challenges, and was recently awarded FANUC America’s Innovative System of the Year Award for their robotic system developments in aircraft processing.

    In this first example, Encore Automation demonstrates the robot simulation they created for a full up airframe executive jet paint and finish solution. Encore used FANUC PaintPRO offline programming software to create and validate the path prior to any production thereby simplifying the teaching and mitigating the risks for collision or singularities. This system utilizes two FANUC P-250iA/15 paint robots with coordinated aux axis motion and on-board paint fluid delivery systems. Encore’s automated painting systems provide more throughput, better appearance, more uniform coatings, reduced weight which correlates to fuel savings, and significant savings in paint material usage and labor reductions.

    In this second example, Encore utilizes two FANUC M-710iC/45 robots with coordinated aux axes to perform surface prep applications, including sanding, scrubbing, rinsing and chemical wash to a commercial aircraft fuselage. The automated prep systems provide improved consistency, consistent sanding, significant reduction in abrasive material utilization, and a safer work environment by eliminating dangerous work for humans.

    Next we have a system utilizing two FANUC P-250iB/15 robots with coordinated aux axis motion to paint an entire executive jet during the production of the aircraft. This system includes on-board paint fluid delivery systems capable of painting in multiple colors to match the paint design requirements.

    Finally we see a combined paint and paint prep solution from Encore, where the two operations are engineered to run in the same booth. First, eight FANUC M-710iC/45 robots with coordinated aux axis motion perform sanding of the fuselage. This footage shows simulation during the commissioning stage of the project. Next, four FANUC P-250iB/15 robots with coordinated aux axis motion proceed to paint the aircraft, again, capable of painting in multiple colors and in the same booth as the paint prep robots. These robots are able to accurately locate the aircraft through the use of FANUC iRVision.

    All of these applications are difficult to automate due to the massive size of the surfaces needing to be prepped and painted and due to the difficult variations in material and control required to automate a completely autonomous solution. Additionally, the low volumes required in the aircraft industry and high cost of the product makes it difficult to test and optimize the system processes on real parts. Encore Automation was able to successfully overcome these difficulties and exceed expectations of what was thought possible.

    FANUC America would again like to congratulate Encore Automation on winning the Innovative System of the Year Award for 2016, and on their continued success in the industrial automation world.

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    Multi-line Robotic Roll and Case Palletizer - Motion Controls Robotics

    Published on May 13, 2016

    Roll and case palletizing:

    FANUC America Authorized System Integrator Motion Controls Robotics designed this multi-product, multi-line robotic palletizing system with the flexibility to palletize both rolls and cases. The custom designed robot end of arm tool can pick and palletize rolls, cases, pallets, and add tier sheets & caps.

    This palletizing system is engineered around a FANUC M-410iB robot, designed for high speed and heavy payload palletizing. The system contains racks for tier sheets, caps, and pallets all inside a perimeter safety fence. Two infeed conveyors bring rolls or cases to be palletized using the same end of arm tooling.

    Rolls being placed in a case for delivery enter the infeed conveyor for the case packing line. A Combi case packer erects a case, packs the case with rolls, and tapes the case. These finished cases enter on a separate conveyor line into the palletizer. Both the cases and the rolls are palletized on the same outbound conveyor. A label is applied to each case. The FANUC M-410iB robot places the case “label out” on the pallet. This system is designed to palletize 2 full cases per minute.

    The type of product being palletized can be quickly selected on the system HMI terminal to allow rapid changeover of the palletizing cell. Rolls to be palletized without a case come down an infeed conveyor where the FANUC M-410iB robot picks and places the roll onto the pallet. There are a variety of roll diameters and pallet patterns. The roll palletizing system has a throughput of 8 rolls per minute.

    The FANUC robot’s ability to pick rolls for palletizing means it also has the flexibility to be programmed for case packing rolls if this application is ever needed. For more information about customizing this multi-product, multi-line palletizing cell as an end of line solution for your processes, contact Motion Controls Robotics today - Please visit

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    Robotic screw feed & torquing system for fighter jet antenna assemblies - Compass Automation

    Published on Jun 17, 2016

    Fighter jet antenna assembly:

    FANUC America Authorized System Integrator Compass Automation developed this automated system to utilize a FANUC M-20iA robot for picking and torqueing thousands of screws into an antenna assembly. Compass Automation developed the highly customized system for a defense contractor. These antenna assemblies are upgrade components for older generation fighter jets.

    Four different screw types are bowl-fed into the system then picked by the FANUC M-20iA robot. An operator places the cart into the work cell with the assemblies in place. The FANUC robot uses a vision camera to verify that the assemblies match up correctly with what was input through the HMI. The FANUC robot then proceeds to torque the screws. After one presentation is finished, the operator will remove the cart, add the next assembly to the cart, return it to the work cell, and the system proceeds with the next presentation. After a number of these presentations, the antenna assembly will be completed and the process repeats with the next part.

    In addition to the FANUC M-20iA robot, the system utilizes Desoutter’s new ERXS 50 Torque Driver to drive the screws. The system presented a major challenge – the robot would have to perform several different operations, identifying multiple screw and surface types. Compass Automation overcame these challenges, custom engineering the system to be able to pick up on every different hole, hole finish that may be surrounding it; screw type and screw finish all at the same time. Additionally, Compass Automation developed the system to be fully integrated into their customers’ supervisory control and data acquisition system, allowing for every torque value to be sent back to a server that logs the data. This allows an incredible amount of statistical process control that was not available through the previous manual process.

    Compass Automation used their innovative Agile Machine Development methodology to design the system, allowing Compass to verify that all of the process techniques – including accurate torqueing and vision – would work well in advance of the actual manufacturing and assembly of the machine.

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    Fanuc - The world’s strongest robot
    June 20, 2016

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    Robotic Dispensing System for Caulking & Seam Sealing Buckets, Tubs & More - Durabotics

    Published on Jun 24, 2016

    Adhesive dispensing:

    FANUC America Authorized System Integrator Durabotics developed this automated system to dispense adhesive onto the seams of buckets and tubs. This extremely flexible and compact system can handle 11 different bucket sizes ranging from 2 quarts to 17 gallons, from 6 inches to 24 inches in diameter, and from 5 to 12 inches in height. Production rates range from 5 buckets per minute for larger bucket sizes to 12 buckets per minute for smaller buckets.

    To do this, Durabotics’ system utilizes FANUC’s six-axis LR Mate 200iD/7L long arm robot, the all-around perfect choice for nearly any job that requires an ultra fast and flexible robotic solution. Buckets are placed on an adjustable infeed conveyor and fed to the FANUC LR Mate robot. Each bucket reaches a flat belt staging conveyor in the robot adhesive dispense area where the FANUC LR Mate applies adhesive to the bucket seams.

    It successfully accomplishes the precise adhesive bead application through the use of an automatic bucket-centering device with vision system. The vision system uses a high-resolution 5-megapixel camera and special lighting to locate the bucket, find the seams, and provide the seam coordinates and center ring seal to the FANUC robot. Then a black light and Graco’s PCF Dispense Controls coordinate with the vision system to verify that the dispense was successful after adhesive is applied. Graco’s PCF Adhesive Dispense System consists of a pumping system, controller, nozzle and feedback. Once a bucket is complete, a pneumatically actuated device pushes the bucket to an outfeed conveyor out of the system.

    This system’s highly advanced vision system, solves the difficult problem of finding and distinguishing seams in highly reflective objects, where it can be difficult to distinguish between seams and die marks made from the forming process.

    This exceptionally flexible technology is not limited to buckets and tubs in its scope of product applications. Durabotics can develop automatic systems to caulk, seal, or apply adhesive to a variety of products of many different shapes and sizes, including windows and other objects and applications. Together with this advanced vision system, Graco’s PCF Adhesive Dispense System and intelligent robotics from FANUC, this system provides ultimate versatility for automated adhesive dispensing. To learn more about FANUC America Authorized System Integrator Durabotics, please visit

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    4 Delta Robots Pick & Pack Food Pouches in Automated Top Load Cartoner - StrongPoint Automation

    Published on Jul 28, 2016

    Food pouch pick and pack:

    FANUC America Authorized System Integrator StrongPoint Automation is a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of world-class robotic solutions and conveyor systems.

    StrongPoint Automation’s top load Cartoner features four FANUC M-2iA/3SL delta-style robots complete with an integrated FANUC iRVision system. The system is capable of packaging up to 400 pouches per minute in both horizontal and vertical formats. The FANUC M-2iA robot’s end of arm tools feature PIAB vacuum generators complete with custom-machined profiles, ensuring product stability throughout the pick and place cycle. The FANUC iRVision system features a backlight light array and camera filters, ensuring accurate product tracking regardless of packaging finish or graphics. The StrongPoint Automation system features a servo-driven metering system to introduce cartons into the packaging stream. Interchangeable belt profiles allow for packing of 2x2 horizontal and bulk club formats. Line balancing ensures that cartons are fully packed prior to cell discharge.

    When vertical cartoning is required, a matrix of FANUC M-2iA robots is used to sort and orient the pouches for introduction into dual product collators. Each vertical collator is driven from dual Allen Bradley Stratix Series servo motors to allow for random product instruction and presentation to a FANUC M-20iA robot used for vertical packing. The FANUC M-20iA robot picks 24 pouches simultaneously and places them into vertical cartons using an integrated line tracking algorithm. Vertical cartons are erected, packed and sealed prior to discharge from the StrongPoint Automation Cartoner.

    FANUC America Authorized System Integrator StrongPoint Automation is at the leading edge of automation. To learn more please visit

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