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    Hospital AGV's in action for New Royal Adelaide Hospital

    Published on Feb 23, 2015

    The New Royal Adelaide Hospital is rising quickly (though still some way from resembling the artist's impression ) and by the time the hospital has finished floors, RA Health P/L will be installing the fleet of AGV *'s ready to make deliveries across them (*Automatic Guided Vehicles).

    "At over 20 vehicles, this is the largest hospital AGV fleet in Australia & NZ"

    The fleet is set to deliver Food & Beverage (hot & cold), Laundry, Pharmaceuticals, Mail, Sterilised Items and other supplies as well as several forms of Waste between the Patient Wards and the Kitchens, Stores and the many other functional areas within the hospital.

    Equipment in Focus :
    - A fleet of over 20 AGV's.
    - Contour/Range-sensing navigation.
    - Trolley pick/drop stations with automatic RFID signalling.
    - Automatic Park'n'Charge area.
    - Central fleet control station with automatic scheduling of RA-GV movements plus elevator & auto-door activation controls.

    Benefits include :
    - Greater efficiency & traceability.
    - Increased safety.
    - Reduced costs.
    - Less damage to equipment.
    - More staff time can be reallocated to direct patient care.

    Robotic Automation P/L is the LARGEST Australian supplier of turnkey automation systems. Now celebrating over 25 years and 3,000+ installations across Australia & NZ.

    Applications include Palletising, Case-packing, Materials Handling, Welding, Materials Delivery (AGVs), Machine Tending, Spraying, Cutting, Stretch and Shrink Wrapping, and more!

    RA also offers full consultation, design, training and maintenance support services.

    Why not challenge us with your own unique automation puzzles or ask us to audit your site's automation potential?

    Our clients include Australia's largest companies but also small, first-time automation users. Our world-leading system brands include MOTOMAN & OTC robotics, EK Automation's Automatic Guided Vehicles, ROBOPAC & MSK packaging systems.

    Visit: Automated Manufacturing, Packaging and Logistics | Robotic Automation

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    Active conveying and transporting with AGVs

    Published on Jun 27, 2017

    Customer load methods and individual requirements flow into our solutions – here at Nolte Küchen. Our broad range of mobile robots allows a variety of navigation methods, load handling types and energy concepts. The coordination is carried out by our innovative fleet manager. Automatic guided vehicle systems by Grenzebach and SNOX Automation, a Grenzebach Group company, allow the automation of transport tasks in the warehouse and in production.

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    Networked navigation for mobile robots

    Published on Sep 6, 2017

    For flexible transport solutions, the IPA experts have developed »Cloud Navigation«. As an example the video shows two mobile, self-navigating systems in a production environment. Since both automated guided vehicles (AGVs), or multiple AGVs in an industrial context, as well as stationary sensors supply their locally-perceived environment data to a central server, the entire fleet benefits from more accurate localization and more efficient cooperative path planning. Intensive algorithmic computations are outsourced to the Virtual Fort Knox. Thus, the AGVs act as »lean clients«, and require less hardware but still retain a high degree of navigation intelligence. Virtual Fort Knox is a federative cloud platform for manufacturing companies.

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    Automated guided vehicles with Siemens RFID systems

    Published on Jan 18, 2018

    Aerospace and automotive industries gain precise, safe and reliable material handling by deploying Siemens SIMATIC Ident high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency RFID systems for vehicle positioning and on-the-fly component parts identification.

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