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Thread: Industrial robots, KUKA AG, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

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    Vision system with KUKA KR AGILUS small robot and KL 100 linear unit

    Published on Jan 25, 2016

    KUKA KR10 R1100 sixx (AGILUS) on a KL 100 linear unit and equipped with the KUKA.VisionTech V2.1 vision system.

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    KUKA's new robot for low payloads - KR CYBERTECH nano

    Published on Nov 5, 2015

    The KR CYBERTECH nano series in the low payload category from 6 to 10 kg offers incomparable performance and power density . It is perfectly tailored to individual customer requirements for handling and continuous-path applications.

    The KR CYBERTECH nano series is setting a new standard that will make the difference for KUKA's customers. Performance. Reinvented.

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    KUKA France at Smart Industries Fair 2015

    Published on Feb 1, 2016

    Have a look at KUKA’s appearance at the first edition of the Smart Industries fair in Paris, 2015. KUKA was all about Industrie 4.0 and the collaboration between humans and robots, displaying both the LBR iiwa and KMR iiwa.

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    Asia premiere of the KR QUANTEC nano F exclusive in KOREA

    Published on Feb 9, 2016

    KUKA Korea was present at the Korea Industry Fair in October 2015, showing off its new robot in Korea as an Asia premiere.

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    KUKA at Creative Korea fair 2015

    Published on Feb 15, 2016

    At Creative Korea 2015, KUKA showed it is ready for Industry 4.0 with various LBR iiwa applications for a smart factory. Korea’s creativity is harnessed through innovative robot solutions like these.

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    MERZ Increases Machining Productivity with KUKA KR FORTEC Robot

    Published on Mar 2, 2016

    MERZ has increased productivity, quality and flexibility, minimized downtime and shortened delivery times by linking four machining centers to one heavy-duty KUKA robot.

    In the MERZ production facility, the KUKA KR FORTEC F (Foundry) links four machining centers, fills and empties changeover stations and ensures optimal utilization of the machine tools. The KUKA KR FORTEC F (Foundry) moves on a KUKA linear unit of type KL 1500-3 with a length of 18 meters to tend the four production systems installed adjacent to one another. The task of the robot is to load and unload the changeover stations at which the machine pallets with the corresponding workpieces and raw materials are supplied. Serving as the link between the machining centers, it performs the automatic transfer of machine pallets and raw material pallets between the changeover stations, storage areas and machine tools. This enables the four machining centers to work fully automatically around the clock. The automated system has also been integrated into the company’s internal information flows. This ensures automatic provision of the NC and tool data for the machines – a key factor in avoiding unnecessary downtimes and achieving maximum productivity. The application at MERZ was implemented by KUKA system partner wbt automation and production control specialist SOFLEX.

    The KUKA KR 500 R2830 F from the KR FORTEC heavy-duty series covers an exceptionally large working envelope with very long reference load center distances. The compact design of the KR FORTEC series without disruptive contours, together with their more streamlined appearance, makes the robots suitable for use in cramped cells as well as in completely new cell concepts. In the special Foundry variant, the robot is suitable for installations with a high degree of fouling and high temperatures. All robots of the KR FORTEC series are optimized for use on linear units. The KL 1500-3 linear unit has been specially designed by KUKA for high payloads. The combination of robot and linear unit ensured that all the pre-formulated objectives were achieved: shorter delivery times, improved deadline compliance, better machine utilization, increased quality and improved internal procedures.

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    KUKA at Automaticon 2016 Trade Fair | Warsaw, Poland

    Published on Mar 23, 2016

    KUKA has a strong presence across the globe, exemplified by the diverse variety of trade fairs in which we exhibit. We were recently at Automaticon 2016 - the most important trade fair for automation, control, measurement and robotics in Poland - having a great time presenting innovative demos and meeting new people. Our local team put together a nice recap video. Enjoy!

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    Robotic bending and stamping of metal stabilizers with KUKA KR QUANTEC

    Published on Apr 8, 2016

    WAFIOS, one of the leading manufacturers of wire and tube working machines in the world, uses two KUKA KR QUANTEC robots and one KUKA KR-30 to maximize efficiency and productivity in metal stabilizer bar production. The two KR QUANTEC robots work in perfect synchronization, optimizing machine uptime and creating perfect bends and stamps every time. The project was completed in close cooperation with WAFIOS and our partner Schneider Maschinenbau.

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    Precise feeding of tools with KR AGILUS WP at Saacke

    Published on Apr 21, 2016

    + Precise feeding of tools with KR AGILUS WP (water proof)
    + Unloading of the workpiece from the pallet and feeding it to the tool grinding machine
    + Performance of various handling activities using an integrated robot
    + Unloading of th machined workpiece and transfer of the new workpiece to the tool holding device
    + cleaning of the machined workpiece in the blow-release station and setdown on a pallet
    + KR AGILUS WP resistance to water and dirt

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    Published on Apr 27, 2016

    Come along with us as we explore our digital ambitions for the future of industrial automation.

    The KUKA booth at Hannover Fair 2016 is THE place to learn about smart factories, connecting robots and other automation equipment to the cloud, the benefits of machine learning and big data for optimized production, as well as some new KUKA robots and how it all fits into the 4th industrial revolution - Industrie 4.0.

    In the booth we have an entire smart factory working in which attendees can order an iPhone or Samsung case customized with laser engraving, then watch as it streams that data to the cloud, informing the customer about every step and tracking every step of production in real time, from the warehouse to production to delivery, ultimately handing over a customized case that can be taken home.

    We also have a complete factory existing in the virtual world that highlights the power inherent in virtual design, commissioning and optimization of huge automation systems in the virtual world before the installation is made in the real world.

    There are also our beer pouring robots, the Paulii Brothers, and our coffee-pouring robots at the Coffee 4.0 demo, along with a new preview robot, the KR 3 AGILUS - KUKA's smallest and fastest robot ever targeted at the electronics industry - as well as all of our Innovation Award finalists.

    It's a booth worthy of your time and we certainly hope you can join us in person this week, but if you can't we hope this video is a good substitute.

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