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Thread: Daqri, augmented reality headset, DAQRI LLC, Los Angeles, California, USA

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    Daqri, augmented reality headset, DAQRI LLC, Los Angeles, California, USA

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    DAQRI's augmented reality headset wants to change how we work

    Published on Sep 22, 2015

    Daqri has created an augmented reality headset and the software that powers it. The Los Angeles-based startup is aiming to revolutionize the way people work by layering additional data and intelligent computing tools on top of their normal vision.

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    Daqri's Smart Helmet Hands On

    Published on Jan 9, 2016

    Daqri's Smart Helmet is an industrial device that projects important information in front of the eyes of the wearer. It doubles as a hard hat and safety goggles making it ideal for working with heavy machinery or in technical fields.

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    Intel's Daqri Smart Helmet: Hands-on CES 2016

    Published on Jan 11, 2016

    A helmet that helps workers repair stuff easier.

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    Capabilities of DAQRI Smart Glasses

    Published on Jan 10, 2018


    DAQRI smart devices enable new ways of working and the next level of workforce productivity.

    Bring 3D models and designs from concept to reality. See your designs in a new way and in stunning, true 3D. Review models quickly and collaborate with designers, engineers, architects, and clients.

    Mortenson, a leader in the world of construction, and Autodesk’s revolutionary BIM360 cloud service and software, combined with DAQRI Smart Helmet, have successfully delivered augmented designs to the worksite.

    Visualize work instructions, quickly train and educate your workforce, and see 3D prototypes before they are built. Make IoT data come to life in real-world scenarios. Professional-grade AR can drastically improve a variety of manufacturing scenarios.

    Bring AR to medical training. Plan surgeries before they happen with detailed 3D visualizations. For example, DAQRI and Touch Surgery are working together to train future surgeons using enhanced instructions.

    DAQRI professional-grade AR enables a wide range of functions even in the most challenging industries. Connect field engineers to remote experts. Display work instructions. Capture data and analysis for compliance and process improvement.

    Bring learning and research to life in 3D. AR creates new ways to learn by introducing 3D and digital data into the real-world. Unlock the imaginations of your students when they can see what is possible with DAQRI AR.

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