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Thread: Industrial robots, Epson Robots, industrial robots, Nagano, Japan

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    Industrial robots, Epson Robots, industrial robots, Nagano, Japan

    Manufacturer - Epson Robots

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    Epson robots on the ink cartridge packaging line

    Published on Oct 7, 2015

    See how Epson uses its own six-axis robots in its state-of-the-art ink cartridge packaging line.

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    Intelligent bulk separation with EPSON robots and ZBV feeder system

    Published on Jan 13, 2016

    Epson 6-axis robot ProSix S5L with integrated image processing and conveyor tracking by Epson

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    New 6 axis robot from Epson Robotics

    Published on Jan 13, 2016

    Epson ProSix C8XL
    Reach: 1.400mm
    Payload: 8kg

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    Automated High Speed Packaging of Cookies

    Published on Mar 21, 2016

    High speed EPSON scara robots pick up wrapped cookies from a conveyor and place them in cartons. Using robots increases production rates and reduces breakage.

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    N Series Table Top

    Published on May 31, 2016

    This demonstration video shows an N Series robot that allows flexible Installation according to application.

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    Epson’s N Series 6-axis robots

    Published on May 31, 2016

    This video shows an Epson’s N Series robot with its innovative folding arm. Check out the unique moves that are possible because of this arm, the first to be installed on a 6-axis robot.

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    Robotics Innovation

    Published on Jul 5, 2016

    Epson’s robotics was founded in the manufacture of watch movements, which demands efficient and highly precise assembly of extremely small components.
    Today, Epson robots are deployed across our production lines to enable precision assembly, efficient manufacturing and high levels of automation. By continuing to evolve our efficient, compact and precision technologies, Epson robotics is expanding possibilities.

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    Epson’s Force Sensor

    Published on Jul 5, 2016

    Tasks that rely on human sensory perception are difficult for robots.
    Epson’s force sensor reacts to force to give robots the sense of “touch.” This makes it possible for them to perform difficult operations that previously couldn’t be automated.

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    Epson's N-Series 6-Axis robot at assembly show

    Published on Nov 29, 2016

    Epson's revolutionary new 6-Axis robot, the N2, was on display as part of an impressive 5-robot demo unit at the Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL.


    -New compact folding arm technology - world's first
    -Maximizes motion efficiency for faster cycle times
    -Reduces required workspace area by up to 40% versus standard 6-Axis robots
    -Unique tight space motion capability keeps arm extremities out of the way
    -450mm reach and 2.5 kg maximum payload

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