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    Towards safe mid-air drone interception: strategies for tracking & capture

    Mar 29, 2024

    In response to the security challenges posed by unauthorized UAVs, this research introduces the Fast Response Proportional Navigation (FRPN). FRPN combines the individual strengths of Pure Pursuit's responsiveness with Proportional Navigation's accuracy, offering a superior solution for safe mid-air drone interception.

    Our analysis, conducted over 100 maneuvering agile target trajectories, demonstrates FRPN's superior performance, surpassing existing methods in both speed and precision. This led to the development of the first effective Autonomous Air Interception System (AAIS), incorporating advanced detection and tracking to enhance system reliability.

    Success in real-world testing underscores FRPN's potential to significantly reduce the risk associated with the rising popularity of UAVs. For comprehensive details on FRPN's methodology and results, we invite readers to explore our published work.

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