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Thread: Empathy

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    Can VR be used to create empathy?

    Published on Oct 21, 2016

    The Engadget Podcast Ep. 11: Host Terrence O’Brien asks the panel (Dana Wollman and Mona Lalwani) for their thoughts on virtual reality’s ability to generate empathy. They’ll discuss a game called The Circle that puts players in the shoes of a hate crime victim. And then look at how groups like the New York Times and the United Nations are using VR to bring viewers around the globe.

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    Kip empathy object

    Published on Feb 12, 2017

    Kip is an empathy object, conveying emotion through physical gestures. It was developed at the miLAB - Media Innovation Lab at IDC Herzliya.

    It listens to people talking to each other, and becomes interested or scared based on the conversation tone. Kip was designed at the Media Innovation Lab with the following principles in mind: empathic, peripheral, and fragile. Our challenge was to create something that is highly expressive while still being an extremely simple robotic object.

    Kip is aimed to accompany human-human face-to-face interaction and increase the awareness of the interacting humans to their behavior through reflecting one’s behavior with subtle physical gestures. These gestures are designed to evoke empathy. By reflecting on human interaction, we hope it can increase people’s awareness to their own behavior. The idea is that people’s empathy towards the robot will cause them to have empathy towards each other too.

    Kip is part of our ongoing design exploration into the future of robotic devices. Nonverbal behavior is key to how robots communicate with people. Our next step is to set a new research direction for Kip in the context of conversations. We hope to discover whether Kip can be essential in creating a good balanced conversation within a group.

    This video was produced for the "Hello, Robot. Design Between Human and Machine" exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum.

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    Sci-fi short film "EmPath"

    Published on May 31, 2018

    "EmPath" by Aidan Knight & Beatriz Delgado Mena

    A couple use a device which allows them to see and "feel" everything in each other’s mind.

    A PR rep, Mia (Liza Callinicos – Tame Impala - Mind Mischief), seeks to defend her corner whilst being chastised and grilled by bullish news anchor, Kathy Gilbert (Ramona von Pusch - Neighbours), over the consequential morality and ethical implications of EmPath - a device which lets users mutually see and "feel" everything in each other’s conscious and subconscious.

    Meanwhile, a couple, Ryan & Lola (Loreece Harrison – Black Mirror), facing challenges, utilize EmPath to see and experience each other’s entire history - warts and all. Once they unplug, they’re confused. Do they sympathize with the struggle one-another have faced or are they repelled by some of the actions that are the by-product of cataclysmic past trauma?

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