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Thread: Industrial robots, Universal Robots A/S, Odense, Denmark

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    Universal Robots Quadruples Injection Molding Production

    Published on Mar 3, 2016

    Dynamic Group, a Minnesota based contract manufacturer, had difficulty staffing their injection molding production and wanted to make better use of existing labor force. Three collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots have now taken over machine tending and kitting tasks resulting in improved product consistency and a 400% increase in production capacity for those applications.

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    Universal robots help automate the Aerospace industry at Whippany Actuation systems

    Published on Mar 21, 2016

    Whippany Actuations Systems makes electro-mechanical actuation systems for the aerospace and defense industries. The company needed to increase production quickly, preferred to manufacture in-house, and looked for an alternative solution to sinking a large expenditure into a new CNC machine.

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    Vision guided Universal Robots deliver fast return on investment

    Published on Apr 7, 2016

    34 days. That's all it took for Task Force Tips in Indiana to have their new UR robots pay themselves back. Watch how two UR5 robots working in tandem use vision guidance to pick blanks off a conveyor for CNC milling. The application requires no scripting and was created by a journeyman machinist.

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    Atria packages food with user-friendly robots

    Published on Apr 11, 2016

    Each day, shrimps, olives, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and other specialties are marked with labels, packed and palletized at Atria Scandinavia. This process has now been optimized with collaborative robot arms enabling each production line to prepare on average 228 items per hour for delivery. The payback period on the robots is just one year.

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    Collaborative robots at Nortura - Universal Robots

    Published on May 2, 2016

    Norwegian meat producer Nortura needed to optimize palletizing, but with limited floor space and a tight budget. A UR10 robot with a ceiling-mounted vision system provided a cost-effective and high-performance palletizing system in one-fifth of the space typically required. If no pallet is present, the floor space is available for other processes.

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    Universal Robots - easy automation with collaborative robots

    Published on Aug 2, 2016

    Automate virtually anything with a collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots. From gluing and mounting to pick and place, and packaging, a robotic arm can streamline and optimise processes across your production operation.

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    First collaborative robots in India - Bajaj Auto

    Published on Aug 18, 2016

    As the first Indian company to implement the use of collaborative robots in automotive assembly lines in 2010, Bajaj Auto Ltd. today has more than 100 cobots driving its position as the world’s 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer

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    Collaborative robots at Nissan Motor Company

    Published on Jan 23, 2017

    Nissan Motor Yokohama Plant introduced two “UR10” industrial robots (Cobots) produced by Universal Robot Co., Ltd. into its assembly processes, with an aim to ease human resources. One of the robots is deployed to assist with loosening bolts on cam brackets of an engine, and another is being used to help with the installation of an engine intake manifold. Especially for the latter process, people work collaboratively with the Cobots. As a result, working hours were reduced and standardized, and the overrun of takt time was eliminated.

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