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Thread: BrainGate, brain implant system, USA

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    BrainGate, brain implant system, USA

    BrainGate on Wikipedia


    John P. Donoghue

    Leigh R. Hochberg

    Jaimie Henderson

    Bob Kirsch

    Krishna Shenoy

    Arto Nurmikko

    Beth Travers

    David Rosler

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    Paralyzed person uses a brain-computer interface to type

    Published on Nov 12, 2015

    A person with ALS uses a brain implant to control a computer cursor, enabling them to enter text using the Dasher interface.

    Here's the article about the tech this ALS patient is using:
    "Neural Implant Enables Paralyzed ALS Patient to Type Six Words per Minute"

    by Eliza Strickland
    September 28, 2015

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