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Thread: OpenAI, Inc., artificial intelligence research company, San Francisco, California, USA

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    OpenAI, Inc., artificial intelligence research company, San Francisco, California, USA

    OpenAI is an AI research laboratory consisting of the for-profit corporation OpenAI LP and its parent company, the non-profit OpenAI Inc.

    Website -

    OpenAI on Wikipedia

    Co-founder and CEO - Sam Altman

    Co-founder, President, Chairman - Greg Brockman

    CTO - Mira Murati

    Co-founder and Chief Scientist - Ilya Sutskever

    Co-founder and Head of Robotics - Wojciech Zaremba

    Head of Nonprofit and Strategic Initiatives - Chris Clark

    COO - Brad Lightcap

    Products and projects:

    GitHub Copilot, AI programmer

    Triton, open-source GPU programming for neural networks

    OpenAI Startup Fund

    DALL-E, creating images from text

    Jukebox, neural net that generates music

    OpenAI Microscope

    GPT, text-generation program

    solving Rubik's Cube with robot hand

    AGI project

    MuseNet, deep neural network that can generate 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments

    Dota 2 bot

    Whisper, automatic speech recognition (ASR) system
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    Article "Pentagon eyes $12-15 billion for early work on new technologies"

    by Andrea Shalal
    December 14, 2015

    Pentagon+Skynet - Musk+OpenAI 15:1

    Musk and his colleagues contributed to the development of peaceful friendly AI one billion dollars, the Pentagon will get to create Skynet fifteen billion dollars

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    "OpenAI Gym Beta"

    by Greg Brockman and John Schulman
    April 27, 2016

    Article "OpenAI a new artificial intelligence training gym launched by Elon Musk"

    by Christian Nordqvist
    April 29, 2016

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    Article "Google DeepMind teams with Open AI to prevent a robot uprising"
    We shouldn't welcome our robot overlords just yet.

    by Swapna Krishna
    July 7, 2017

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    Article "Elon Musk leaves board of AI safety group to avoid conflict of interest with Tesla"
    Musk will remain a donor to the nonprofit organization, which focuses on AI safety and ethics

    by James Vincent
    February 21, 2018

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