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Thread: OpenAI, Inc., artificial intelligence research company, San Francisco, California, USA

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    Article "OpenAI’s new CEO is Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear"
    OpenAI has a third CEO in just a few days after the turmoil following Sam Altman’s firing.

    by Tom Warren
    November 20, 2023

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    Article "Sam Altman to Join Microsoft Following OpenAI Ouster"
    Altman and former OpenAI president to lead advanced AI research team at Microsoft; Emmett Shear to be interim chief at OpenAI

    by Berber Jin, Deepa Seetharaman, Tom Dotan and Keach Hagey
    November 20, 2023

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    Article "OpenAI’s Board Set Back the Promise of Artificial Intelligence"
    Misplaced concern about existential risk is impeding the opportunity to expand human potential.

    by Vinod Khosla
    November 20, 2023

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    Article "Microsoft's 'Succession'-style move could guarantee its dominance in one critical area"
    In a move worthy of Logan Roy, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has not only nabbed the sharpest mind in global AI, but kept him from joining a host of mega-tech rivals. And it hasn't cost him anything.

    by Martin Baccardax
    November 20, 2023

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    Article "OpenAI Investors, Led By Thrive, Angle to Bring Back Altman"
    Microsoft has signaled it wouldn’t oppose such an outcome
    Some investors are mulling lawsuits against OpenAI board

    by Dina Bass, Emily Chang, and Ashlee Vance
    November 21, 2023

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