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Thread: Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

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    Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

    Organizer - X Prize Foundation

    Website -

    A $7 million global competition challenging teams to push the boundaries of ocean technologies by creating solutions that advance the autonomy, scale, speed, depths and resolution of ocean exploration.

    The success of this prize will allow us to fully explore and map the ocean floor, and uncover our planets greatest wonder and resource for the benefit of humanity. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s $1 million bonus prize will incentivize teams to develop technologies to detect the source of chemical and biological signals underwater.

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    $7M Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

    Published on Dec 14, 2015

    The $7 Million Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE is a global, three-year competition challenging teams to advance breakthrough technologies for rapid, unmanned and high-resolution ocean exploration.

    The $1M NOAA bonus prize will be awarded to teams that demonstrate their technology can “sniff out” a specified object in the ocean through biological and chemical signals. This will allow us to respond to emergencies, and discover new marine life and underwater communities in a way that never existed before.

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    Article "7-million-dollar XpPrize will encourage deep ocean exploration"
    Into the heart of the sea

    by Mary Beth Griggs
    November 14, 2015

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