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Thread: OSIRIS-REx, NASA, Washington, D.C., USA

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    From the Control Room: OSIRIS-REx Arrives at Asteroid Bennu

    Published on Dec 13, 2018

    We have arrived. On Dec. 3, 2018, after two years of travel – and more than a decade of planning and work by the OISRIS-REx team – OSIRIS-REx arrived at its destination: ancient, near-Earth asteroid Bennu. Relive the excitement of Arrival Day from the Mission Support Area at Lockheed Martin.

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    Arrival at asteroid Bennu

    Published on Dec 29, 2018

    On Dec. 3, 2018, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrived at its destination: an ancient near-Earth asteroid called Bennu. Members of the mission team reflect on what we will learn by collecting a sample from Bennu, the milestones the mission has reached so far, and the challenges ahead.

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