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    The Best Robot Vacuums 2016

    Published on Aug 28, 2016

    00:01-iRobot Roomba 980
    02:31-Neato Botvac Connected
    04:32-Dyson 360 Eye
    06:02-Samsung Powerbot VR9000
    07:22-LG Hombot Square
    08:40-Jisiwei S+
    10:56-bObi Classic
    12:46-Bissel SmartClean

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    The Robotic Mop

    Published on Feb 7, 2018

    This is the housekeeping robot that can be programmed to mop and shine floors. Featuring one-touch operation and seven cleaning modes, its washable dual mops spin at 120 rpms to scrub floors thoroughly without scratching or scuffing. Smart navigation alerts the robot to which areas have been cleaned and which still need attention; sensors quickly steer the unit away when stairs and obstacles are detected. In addition to its autonomous operation, tough messes that require a homeowner’s attention can be addressed by running the mop via remote control. The unit can be held by the handle to clean fragile surfaces, including desks, tables, glass floors, and glass windows. Compactly sized at less than 8" high to fit easily under beds and couches. Includes a dry clean option.

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    A giant Chinese window cleaning robot!

    Published on Oct 12, 2017

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