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Thread: 5G, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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    5G, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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    Huawei’s Vision for 5G

    Published on Nov 25, 2014

    Tong Wen, head of Huawei’s 5G R&D division, reveals the progress the company has made in developing 5G technology and Huawei’s vision of a 5G world.

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    Defining 5G

    Published on Dec 2, 2014

    For a technology that doesn’t even exist, 5G is getting an awful lot of attention and hype. But what is it, and how do we get there? Mobile World Live takes a look.

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    Huawei Rotating CEO talks 5G – MWC 2015

    Published on Mar 5, 2015

    According to Huawei Rotating CEO Ken Hu, “5G will change the role of the telecom industry. It will become a great enabler for industrial revolution.” Check out what else he has to say about 4.5G, 5G, and the development and partnerships thereof.

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    5G, Creating New Opportunities

    Published on Dec 15, 2015

    As we look ahead to MBB 2020, we take the first steps towards a better connected world. The combination of holographic imaging, augmented reality, driverless car, smart factory, intelligent agriculture, smart logistics along with 5G's ultra-high throughput, ultra-low latency and massive connections will stimulate an astonishing transformation of the way we live our lives, and even inspire the creation of new business models and industries.

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    5G: Enabling a Super Connected World

    Published on Feb 24, 2016

    At MWC 2016, Hidetaka Shiraishi discusses the launch of 5G. A technology which will drive efficiencies within the ICT industry enabling self-driving cars, automated manufacturing and real-time remote surgeries to become a reality.

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    Evolution to 5G

    Published on Nov 23, 2016

    IT & Mobile BT Group Managing Director Fotis Karonis is excited about the vertical collaboration that 5G will deliver. To prepare for 5G, the operator is upgrading its 4G networks, with LTE broadcast as an upcoming service highlight.

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    MWC17: Peter Zhou on Advanced MIMO Technologies & 5G Business Prep

    Published on Feb 27, 2017

    Huawei Wireless CMO Yuefeng Zhou talks to Light Reading Editor in Chief about MIMO Technologies and the business preparation for 5G.

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    A better connected future with 5G

    Published on May 1, 2017

    Shankminds’ founder and Huawei KOL Peter Shankman explains why 2G, 3G and 4G will save lives when 5G is the norm.

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    MWCS17: 5G tele-operated driving with Huawei

    Published on Jun 28, 2017

    Huawei, China Mobile & SAIC's partnership will soon allow you to drive your car while still in your living room.

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