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Thread: Cyber Grand Challenge, DARPA, Arlington, Virginia, USA

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    Cyber Grand Challenge, DARPA, Arlington, Virginia, USA

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    "DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge"

    Published on Feb 8, 2015

    Mike Walker and Dan Kaufman from DARPA on future machines battling hackers to identify and plug security breaches.

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    DEF CON 23 - Mike Walker and Jordan Wiens - Machine vs. Machine: Inside DARPA’s Fully Automated CTF

    Published on Nov 6, 2015

    For 22 years, the best binary ninjas in the world have gathered at DEF CON to play the world’s most competitive Capture-the-Flag. At DEF CON 24, DARPA will challenge machines to play this game for the first time, with the winner taking home a $2 million prize. This talk will include a first public look at the machines, teams, technology, and visualization behind Cyber Grand Challenge. The technology: machines that discover bugs and build patches? We’re bringing our qualifier results to show just how real this is. The teams: we’ll talk about the finalists who prevailed to make it to the CGC final round. Visualization: the product of CTF players working with game designers, this talk will include a live interactive demo of a graphical debugger for everyone that will let an audience follow along in real time. The machines: we’re bringing high performance computing to the DEF CON stage. The event: In 2016, machines will Capture the Flag! Follow DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge on Twitter: #DARPACGC

    Mike Walker joined DARPA as a program manager in January 2013. His research interests include machine reasoning about software in situ and the automation of application security lifecycles.

    Prior to joining DARPA, Mr. Walker worked in industry as a security software developer, Red Team analyst, enterprise security architect and research lab leader. As part of the Computer Science Corporation "Strikeforce" Red Team, Mr. Walker helped develop the HEAT Vulnerability Scanner and performed Red Team engagements. Serving as a principal at the Intrepidus Group, Mr. Walker worked on Red Teams that tested America's financial and energy infrastructure for security weaknesses. Also, on the DARPA SAFER Red Team, Mr. Walker discovered flaws in prototype communications technologies.

    Mr. Walker has participated in various roles in numerous applied computer security competitions. He contributed challenges to DEF CON Capture the Flag (CTF) and competed on and led CTF teams at the highest levels of international competition. Mr. Walker was formerly a mentor of the Computer Security Competition Club at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST).

    Jordan started his professional career at the University of Florida where he got to do a little bit of everything security related. His love of CTFs, however, drove him to a job at a government contractor where he honed his reverse engineering and vulnerability research skills. Now, his goal in life is to become a professional CTF e-sports caster so he founded a startup Vector 35 to try to get paid to do stuff with CTFs and gaming.

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    Article "These engineers are developing artificially intelligent hackers"
    In a sign of the autonomous security of the future, a $2m contest wants teams to build a system that can exploit rivals’ vulnerabilities while fixing its own

    by Olivia Solon
    March 3, 2016

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    Welcome to DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge

    Published on Jul 1, 2016

    The ultimate test of wits in computer security occurs through open competition on the global Capture the Flag (CTF) tournament circuit. In CTF contests, experts reverse engineer software, probe its weaknesses, search for deeply hidden flaws, and create securely patched replacements.

    On August 4, 2016, DARPA will hold the Cyber Grand Challenge, the world’s first all-computer CTF tournament. It will take place live on stage co-located with the DEF CON conference in Las Vegas. The public is invited to attend and observe as automated systems take the first steps towards a defensible, connected future.

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    DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge: What Is Capture the Flag?

    Published on Jul 28, 2016

    "Capture the Flag" is a game played by both children and hackers. But whereas children look for flags hidden in their opponents' forts, hackers look for software flaws hidden in previously unexplored code. Every year at the DEF CON conference, the world's best hackers meet to test their hacking skills against each other. They race to find, diagnose, and fix software flaws in real time in an adversarial environment. In this game of strategy, players must protect their own digital "flags" by finding and patching flaws on their servers, keep the software on their servers functioning, and scan for vulnerabilities to capture opponents' flags. A referee arbitrates the game, which is played and scored in rounds. During DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge--taking place alongside DEF CON--autonomous computers will play other computers in Capture the Flag for the first time in history. Although no humans will intervene in the game, it is otherwise similar to the game played by hackers, except executed at machine speed. This video walks through the objectives of Capture the Flag and explains how scoring works.

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