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Thread: Sphero, spherical robot toy, Sphero, Inc., Boulder, Colorado, USA

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    Sphero, spherical robot toy, Sphero, Inc., Boulder, Colorado, USA

    Manufacturer - Sphero, Inc.

    Home page -

    Sphero on Wikipedia

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    Sphero 2.0 Revealed: Exclusively at Apple Stores

    Published on Aug 14, 2013

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    AT&T Sphero 4G Speedway Race Experience
    June 5, 2013

    Created by Mosaic, Globacore, and The Taylor Group for AT&T's develop event at CES in Las Vegas. Players raced robotic balls around a race track. All UI elements on the phone controllers, and the leaderboard featured custom branded graphics, and connections to web services to notify players by SMS of their change in leaderboard status.

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    Sphero 2.0
    August 5, 2013

    Introducing Sphero 2.0. Now brighter, faster, and smarter than ever. Choose from over 25 apps and launch a whole new world of mobile gameplay. Drive Sphero like never before, turn your surroundings into a video game with augmented reality, and discover endless ways to play.

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    What is Sphero?

    Published on Oct 10, 2012

    Sphero is a completely new type of game system. It's the world's first robotic ball that you control from your smartphone or tablet. You can drive Sphero, play tabletop and multiplayer games, use Sphero as a handheld controller for on-screen gameplay, learn basic programming, and even play augmented reality games.

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    Grant Imahara - The most hackable robot in the world

    Published on Sep 24, 2013

    Sphero teamed up with Grant Imahara to talk about Sphero 2.0!

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    Meet Sphero 2.0
    October 1, 2013

    Meet Sphero 2.0. This little robot will change the way you play.

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    Alex Albrecht - Learn to program robots in a fun way

    Published on Oct 2, 2013

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    What is Sphero (Funny Version)

    Published on Oct 25, 2013

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    Tricks With Balls: Get Some Air

    Published on Nov 1, 2013

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