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Thread: Josh, voice activated home automation system, JStar LLC, Denver, Colorado, USA

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  2. #2 demo - artificial intelligence for the home

    Published on Dec 17, 2015 is a voice controlled home automation system. This is a really simple early preview of Josh in our LA office.

  3. #3 - Artificial Intelligence for the home

    Published on Feb 29, 2016 is an artificial intelligence for the home. In this video we show how Josh can be used for complex commands. Josh can change gender and accent, compute distance and provide population information. You can give Josh a series of commands for different devices in different rooms and Josh will handle them seamlessly.

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    Josh voice activated home automation

    Published on May 8, 2016

    This is a demo of in a 10,000 square foot home in Beverly Hills. This home is equipped with Lutron RadioRA2, Sonos, Nest, and more.

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    Amazon Echo with | Multiple Voices, Sonos Control, Complex Commands

    Uploaded on Jul 14, 2016 is a voice controlled home automation platform. Users primarily use their smart phone to voice control everything from their Lutron lights to their Sonos speakers. We recently built support for the Amazon Echo, enabling for the first time multiple voices and accents, including male and Indian voices, robust Sonos support, and complex commands. This is the first time the Echo is being shown to have these capabilities.
    "Third-party app Josh will bring a few new skills (and different voices) to Amazon Echo"

    by Eric Mack
    July 15, 2016

  6. #6 – Whole Home Voice Control

    Published on Sep 6, 2016

    Explore, a voice control home automation platform. This Los Angeles home has RadioRA2, Sonos, Nest, and more. Voice control using a smartphone, tablet, or far-field microphone such as the Echo. Intuitively control lights, music, shades, garage doors, thermostats, locks, sprinklers, fireplaces, etc.

  7. #7 – Installing in a home

    Published on Jan 17, 2017

    Video showing how easy it is to install in a large, complex home.

  8. #8 - Introducing Josh Micro

    Published on Aug 30, 2017

    Josh Micro is the latest product from, leaders in the smart home market. Josh Micro runs the entire Josh processor, fits in the palm of your hand, is equipped with a far-field microphone array and sensors including motion, light, temperature, humidity, and touch. Josh Micro is designed to be wall mounted or placed on any tabletop surface, and is designed to fit the aesthetic of any room.

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