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Thread: HyperAdapt, adaptive self-lacing shoe, Nike, Inc., Beaverton, Oregon, USA

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    Nike HyperAdapt and Mag: the future of footwear

    Published on Jan 5, 2017

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    Self-lacing Nike Hyperadapt unboxing & try-on

    Published on Jan 14, 2018

    We finally had a chance to unbox and try on the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0.

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    Nike self-lacing shoes put a ton of tech under your feet

    Published on Jan 15, 2019

    Nike Adapt BB is the second generation of self-lacing shoes. The updated sneakers are more affordable at $350, pair over Bluetooth, and remember how you like the fit of your shoes. We visited Nike’s campus to try them on and talk to Tinker Hatfield, the designer behind the self-lacing concept.

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    Introducing Nike Adapt BB

    Published on Jan 15, 2019

    Power laces for the perfect fit.

    Introducing Nike Adapt BB, designed with electro adaptive reactive lacing that automatically locks you in at the press of a button.

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    Nike's Adapt BB Hands-On: First app-controlled, self-lacing basketball shoes

    Published on Jan 15, 2019

    Nike has officially introduced its first self-lacing basketball shoes, the Adapt BB. These new sneakers are designed to provide a "truly customized fit for every basketball player," according to the company, thanks to a power-lacing system called FitAdapt that can be adjusted manually or with a smartphone app.

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    Nike Adapt BB hands-on

    Published on Jan 15, 2019

    Nike announced its first self-lacing sneaker that will be worn in the NBA. We got to try them on.

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    Here’s what you need to know about the Nike Adapt BB

    Published on Jan 15, 2019

    Serving as an introduction into to future of Nike Basketball, the Swoosh is ready to introduce the self-lacing Adapt BB marvel. Utilizing technology that has been in development for years, the Adapt can be individually synchronized to an app on your phone, providing the best fit possible and catering to the individual wearer’s specific needs.

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    Inside the revolutionary Nike Adapt BB, a custom shoe for everyone

    Published on Jan 16, 2019

    Has Nike delivered its promise of an intelligent sports shoe- the Nike Adapt BB- made just for us?

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