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Thread: TempTraq, intelligent child's thermometer, Blue Spark Technologies Inc., Westlake, Ohio, USA

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    TempTraq wearable wireless thermometer

    Published on Jan 2, 2015

    TempTraq: the only available wearable, wireless, intelligent thermometer in the form of a soft comfortable patch, that continuously monitors temperatures and provides convenient alerts to give parents peace of mind and their sick children the rest they need to get better. Pending FDA premarket review.

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    TempTraq instructional video

    Published on Mar 20, 2015

    How to apply and use the TempTraq wearable, wireless, thermometer.

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    How does a sticker take your temperature?

    Published on Apr 5, 2016

    When you need to monitor a child’s (or even a grown-up’s) fever, TempTraq handles it for you. It’s a smart thermometer inside a single-use adhesive patch, and it takes a patient’s temperature every 10 seconds for up to 24 hours. Then all the data gets sent, via a free app, to your mobile device.

    Set alerts to instantly know if a temperature gets too high—there’s no need to wake a resting patient. The app lets you share data with the doctor, and note medicine and food intake, too.

    The paper-thin battery and flexible circuit, built by Blue Spark Technologies, fit inside the patch. And even on sensitive skin, the gentle adhesive removes easily. Keep one (or two) at home or on a trip, and when a fever strikes, both you and your patient can rest a little easier.

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    TempTraq: Newborn Mom

    Published on Nov 16, 2016

    TempTraq is a thin, comfortable patch that's worn under the arm; it sends a continuous temperature reading to an app on your phone.

    As a #NewbornMom you start to see the world in a whole new way. Priorities change as your baby takes center stage and your focus shifts to being the best mom you can be - your time is consumed researching best baby products, baby food recipes, the perfect bath temperature, seeking out parenting advice, and so much more. As you begin to get the hang of "mom life" you realize, what often felt so out of control in those sleep-deprived early weeks, is actually something you're more than prepared and equipped to handle.

    Which is why TempTraq is such an important tool to have in your mom kit. When your child comes down with a fever, it's amazing how quickly all the anxieties of new motherhood resurface. TempTraq is an incredible new parenting technology that helps alleviate those concerns.

    While a baby thermometer is a great way to check if your child is sick, once you know he or she has a fever, you should put the thermometer away and let your child get some sleep; TempTraq allows you to do just that. No more discomfort and disruption of temperature taking, and no more needless anxiety wondering if you child's temperature is safe. TempTraq let's you monitor a fever safely, comfortably, and remotely. It gives you peace of mind, when you need it most.

    -Continuous, 24-hour, realtime, hands-free temperature monitor.
    -Softest, thinnest, most comfortable, most accurate wearable thermometer on the market.
    -Set alerts so an alarm will sound if your child's temperature rises to an unsafe level.
    -Note what time you give your child a dose of medicine so you can chart how the fever reacts and will know what time to administer the next dose.
    -Email your child's temperature chart to your pediatrician with the push of a button.

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