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Thread: Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS),, Inc., Seattle, Washington, USA -

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    Hey Alexa...

    Published on Aug 10, 2017

    It’s like she doesn’t even hear you.

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    Getting started with the AVS Device SDK

    Published on Aug 17, 2017

    Introducing the AVS Device SDK, an easy-to-use SDK for commercial device makers integrating Amazon Alexa directly into their connected products.

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    The future of Alexa

    Published on Aug 29, 2017

    CNET interviews three Amazon execs about the growth of voice computing.

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    A chat with Pixie, Princeton University's socialbot

    Published on Aug 29, 2017

    Here's what it's like talking to a bot that runs on Amazon's Alexa voice assistant.

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    Article "‘Cortana, Open Alexa,’ AmazonSays. And Microsoft Agrees."
    In an unusual partnership, Amazon and Microsoft are working
    together to extend the abilities of their voice-controlled digital assistants.

    by Nick Wingfield
    August 30, 2017

    Cortana, intelligent personal assistant, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA

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    How to set up your Alexa devices for multiroom playback

    Published on Sep 11, 2017

    Amazon allows you to stream music not just from one device, but through multiple Alexa devices around your home. Here's how to do it, and some caveats that come with it.

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    New Amazon Echo Plus first look

    Published on Sep 27, 2017

    Amazon just announced a new Echo Plus speaker, in addition to a second-generation Echo and Echo Connect speaker phone. The Echo Plus doubles as a smart home hub, one that connects to various wireless protocols to set up and control connected home gadgets and appliances.

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    Amazon's latest Alexa gadgets first look

    Published on Sep 27, 2017

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    How to make Alexa smarter with routines

    Published on Nov 6, 2017

    Control your entire smart home with a single command using Alexa routines.
    "Control your smart home with a single command using Alexa routines"
    Amazon recently introduced routines to Alexa, which lets you perform several actions using a single command. Here's how to set it up.

    by Taylor Martin
    November 6, 2017

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    Alexa for Business: empower your organization to use Alexa

    Uploaded on Nov 22, 2017

    To learn more about how to use Alexa in your organization, visit
    Today, people spend too much of their day on tedious tasks at work, like managing their calendars, dialing in to meetings, or searching for information. But Alexa can help solve this problem by acting as an intelligent assistant at work. Alexa for Business makes it easy for you to use Alexa in your organization. Alexa for Business gives you the tools you need to manage Alexa devices, enroll your users, and assign skills, at scale. You can build your own context-aware voice skills using the Alexa Skills Kit, and the Alexa for Business APIs, and you can make these available as private skills for your organization. Alexa for Business also makes it easy to voice-enable your products and services, providing context-aware voice experiences for your customers.

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