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Thread: Security autonomous unmanned ground vehicles, SMP Robotics Systems Corp., San Francisco, California, USA

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    Security autonomous unmanned ground vehicles, SMP Robotics Systems Corp., San Francisco, California, USA

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    Security Robot (Robot guard) Rover S5

    Published on Aug 11, 2015

    ROVER S5 robotic complex is designed for autonomous movement along pedestrian pathways and wireless transmission of video picture taken by built-in video cameras.

    The security robot consists of a wheeled chassis with electric motor drive, guided by automatic driving system, and of independent video surveillance system. The system of video driving provides all-weather and day-and-night driving without operator guidance. While the robot moves along patrolling route, it transmits video picture taken by all-round surveillance cameras. When it reaches observation position, its tracking system is activated, focusing the robot’s turning camera on moving objects. Video pictures from all cameras as well as robot’s location indicated on electronic map are transmitted to tablet PC of the operator or to the Internet.

    - Mobile video surveillance, automatic focusing of PTZ camera on movements and moving object tracking.
    - Remote video surveillance on tablet PC; continuous video recording by built-in video recorder.
    - Moving between observation positions without operator guidance.
    - Automatic driving around obstacles and returning to recharge batteries.
    - Time of autonomous patrolling – 12 hours; operating range – up to 35 km (22 miles).
    - All-season and day-and-night operation.
    - Low noise electric motor drive.

    Security robot “ROVER-S5” is an effective solution for automatic round-the-clock patrolling of secured areas. It can become a reliable assistant for any security provider. Mobile video surveillance robot can continuously patrol around secured objects and perform video surveillance from different points.

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    Security robot on the field

    Published on Jul 12, 2016

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    S-series robots presentation

    Published on Sep 12, 2016

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    Introducing autonomous robotic platform for security proposals

    Published on Nov 29, 2016

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    Security robots S5 all over the world

    Published on Jun 19, 2017

    SMP Robotics expands distribution network. Thanks to our distributors, the S5 robots meets great interest from the security industry in many countries.

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    SMP S5 security robots

    Published on Sep 6, 2017

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