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Thread: MIRO, biomimetic companion robot, Consequential Robotics Ltd., London, United Kingdom

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    MIRO, biomimetic companion robot, Consequential Robotics Ltd., London, United Kingdom

    Developer - Consequential Robotics Ltd.

    Home page -

    MIRO is a biomimetic companion robot with an advanced brain to learn from its surroundings and can develop a unique personality. It will make decisions, display emotions and respond to others in a truly unique and autonomous way.

    Consequential Robotics worked in conjunction with Sebastian Conran Associates, Sheffield University and Eaglemoss Publications, Buzzamo and Gadget Lab. The character and form of the robot has been carefully considered to be friendly and approachable, but not toy-like. A developer version is to be released in early summer 2016.

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    Miro robot

    Published on Sep 8, 2014

    Find out more about this amazing new biomimetic robot that you can build on our website.

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    MIRO Mark 4 undergoing trials

    Published on Sep 16, 2014

    Though it’s still trailing control wires, this Mark 4 MIRO is looking pretty slick in its smart charcoal-grey nose, ears and tail, and its movements are fluid and responsive.

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    Early MIRO movement test via remote control

    Published on Sep 16, 2014

    Here’s a near-complete MIRO undergoing movement trials. The tail and ears are finished, and there’s even a ‘dog tag’ around the neck. It all seems to be working well … the eyelids close; the ears rotate and ‘flop’; the neck rotates smoothly and nods. Finally, MIRO cuts a few moves across the floor, the body is tilted, and the tail ‘wags’ and rotates.

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    Article "University spin-out company with Sebastian Conran to develop next generation of robots"
    A new company has been formed to bring next generation assistive and companion robots to market by combining University-developed robotics research with the best of British design.

    May 16, 2016

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    MiRo robots

    Published on May 25, 2016

    MiRo robots interacting with one anothe

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