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Thread: Microboats, ZURU Toys Inc., Guangzhou, China

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    Microboats, ZURU Toys Inc., Guangzhou, China

    Developer - ZURU Toys Inc.

    Website -

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    Published on May 30, 2016

    Get ready for some epic speed boat racing action with NEW ZURU Microboats! With NEW micro-robotic sensor technology, Microboats speed through the water in four directions including reverse activation and 360 degree doughnut speed.

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    ZURU Micro Boats - detailed & fun play test review - Zuru Shark Attack Challenge

    Published on Jun 23, 2016

    NEW for July 2016 - Water activated MICRO BOATS by ZURU, with a scale speed of 200 mph !!
    These Micro Boats are fast and fun, with micro-robotic sensor technology, when they hit a wall (or each other!) these Micro Boats will reverse in a direction before speeding off forwards again!
    This makes them come alive and you feel the sense of determination that these Micro Boats want to speed and ride the waves!!

    The Shark adds brilliant solo play entertainment which really extends the fun play of this set. By adjusting the Micro Boats rudder you can make them behave erratically and this makes predicting their heading even more of a challenge!

    Nearly 6ft / 1.8m of water tight track
    The crane is great for extended play where the Boats are in Dry-Dock or the racers are getting in and out of the challenge arena.

    Micro Boats are both sold separately as well as one included within each play-set. These Micro Boats work equally well in the bathtub, pool, sink or any water filled container!

    individual MICRO BOATS:
    Each Micro Boats come with 3 x LR44 batteries fitted - ready to play out of the packaging! RRP ?7.99

    6 x curved track (two different types) 1 x central cross-over pool, 1x Exclusive Red/Yellow Micro Boat, 1x Shark, 1x Boat Crane, 1x Finish Line, 2 x Yellow Barriers, 2 x Crowd stadiums, 1x water Scoop.
    Batteries included. RRP ?19.99

    Suitable for Ages 3+
    This will be in Stores July 2016.

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