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Thread: Sofie, intelligent veterinary assistant, LifeLearn, Inc., Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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    Sofie, intelligent veterinary assistant, LifeLearn, Inc., Guelph, Ontario, Canada

    Developer - LifeLearn, Inc.

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    Unboxing Sofie from LifeLearn

    Published on Oct 7, 2014

    Introducing LifeLearn Sofie, powered by IBM Watson. Watch as we unbox the intelligent veterinary treatment support tool that delivers exponential knowledge; the resource that's always on call.

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    Introducing Lifelearn Sofie

    Published on Oct 9, 2014

    LifeLearn Sofie is an intelligent treatment support tool for veterinarians of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Sofie is powered by IBM WatsonTM, the world’s leading cognitive computing system. She can understand and process natural language, enabling interactions that are more aligned with how humans think and interact.

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    LifeLearn Sofie in collaboration with VetFolio

    Published on Feb 4, 2015

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    Introducing LifeLearn Sofie - veterinary decision support tool

    Published on Feb 9, 2018

    Introducing LifeLearn Sofie. Sofie is a reference-based information tool providing unparallelled decision support for veterinarians who put pets first. With over 40,000 pages from the best veterinary textbooks, journals, and conference proceedings in one powerful database, search multiple sources at once to find the most relevant information.

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