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Thread: MVMANT project, Mirabella Imbaccari, Italy, Europe

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    Smart Mobility on demand for Smart Cities

    Published on Jan 13, 2016

    Find out how to make traffic congestion a thing of the past and create a win-win ecosystem:

    Managing urban mobility is one of the most complex challenges of our time.

    New transport options such as car-sharing and ride-sharing aren't always the best solution.

    Car-sharing? You have to drive... look for a parking space... and don't have the certainty of finding a car when you need one.

    Ride-sharing? It does not ensure optimal occupancy of vehicles and is often a source of conflict with regular local transport operators.

    So, how can we create an urban mobility model which responds to the emerging needs of the cities?

    MVMANT is the solution. It is a platform designed to manage a pay-per-use service, available upon request along fixed lines.

    Vehicles are cleverly coordinated by predictive algorithms, in order to ensure availability when and where required.

    With the mobile App, you simply have to indicate your destination and select the best offer.

    View the cost, confirm your journey and follow the instructions to reach the pickup point.

    The platform ensures optimal occupancy of vehicles, thus reducing costs and environmental impact.

    Thanks to personalised offers, you will receive coupons and make additional savings on the cost of the service.

    Local businesses and institutions can incentivize users with targeted campaigns, creating an "urban loyalty" ecosystem.

    MVMANT is the turnkey solution for sustainable and intelligent mobility.

    It is capable of satisfying the requirements of citizens and creating a virtuous ecosystem, for the smart cities of the future.

    MVMANT: Mobility as a Service. Now!

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    MVMANT - Urban Mobility On-Demand

    Published on Jan 28, 2016

    Mobility on-demand solution. Vehicles circulate over fixed lines and the dispatching is managed by predictive algorithms and advanced machine learning techniques. This means that vehicles are available where and when needed. Just order your ride with the app, walk to the next pick-up point and enjoy the comfort of a seamless door-to-door mobility!

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    MVMANT: The flexible urban bus system

    Published on Sep 16, 2016

    As flexible as a taxi, as environmentally friendly and cost-effective as a line bus. In the Sicilian city of Ragusa, the MVMANT transport service launches with a fleet of Mercedes-Benz vans. Passengers can board or exit the vans anywhere in the city. Using a free app, passengers order a shuttle at a specific time and location and then select their destination. The van arrives at exactly the desired time and delivers passengers to their destination – quickly and cost-effectively.

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