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Thread: Bonjour, smart alarm clock with Artificial Intelligence, Holi, Lyon, France

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    BONJOUR, the world's smartest alarm clock - official video

    Published on Oct 25, 2016

    Bonjour is here to make your mornings easier. It's gonna change the way you wake up everyday.

    Bonjour knows not all mornings are created equal. There are sunny days, get-stuck-in-traffic days, breakfast-for-dinner days, and Saturdays. Bonjour wants you to be ready for whatever surprises the morning has, with conditional wake-up commands and predictive, conversational responses.

    Bonjour is an AI driven alarm-clock that combines sleek and elegant design, with an intuitive, easy and interactive UI. Through precise voice activation technology, wireless internet connectivity, app integration, AI intuition, and an easy-to-read display, Bonjour enhances your morning wake-up routine to go beyond the snooze button.

    With Bonjour, you can wake up to your local weather, your favorite Spotify playlist, or your unique Philips Hue lighting configuration, all with voice-control activation and feedback. You set the conditions to which all of these services perform and interact with each other each morning while Bonjour interprets each app’s information. With natural-conversational AI technology Bonjour speaks and plans for the day ahead with you.

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    Video demonstration of BONJOUR

    Published on May 3, 2018

    Let's see 2 or 3 nice features about BONJOUR, your smart alarm clock.

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