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Thread: Alibaba Cloud, cloud computing services, big data and bespoke solutions, Hangzhou, China

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    AliCloud artificial intelligence

    Published on Sep 10, 2016

    Hu Xiaoming, President of the current AliCloud

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    How Alibaba Cloud is using AI to design wishes for Chinese New Year

    Published on Jan 19, 2017

    One of the cultural aspects of Chinese Festival is writing New Year Couplets, known as Chun Lian.
    This year ET, Alibaba's Cloud AI Technology is going to write Chinese Couplets.

    Through big data and advanced algorithms, ET is able to write Chinese Couplets amazingly, just like a Chinese person would.

    ET's facial recognition technology can analyze face to gauge the age of a person and even the emotion. It recognizes the words through speech and semantics recognition and then design and write personalized couplets through its robotic arms.

    It is astonishing to see what can be achieved through ET - AI technology -
    ET is able to do amazing things, such as picking the winner of a song competition, replacing the work of a court reporter and even helping to manage traffic for an entire city through the Hangzhou City Brain project and much more.

    Watch the video to see how Alibaba Cloud team is using AI to design wishes for Chinese New Year of the rooster.

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    Getting іtarted with Alibaba Cloud - Part 1

    Getting Started with Alibaba Cloud - Part 2

    Published on Nov 9, 2017

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