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Thread: Smart Suit, Samsung Group, Seoul, South Korea

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    Smart Suit, Samsung Group, Seoul, South Korea

    Developer - Samsung Group

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    Samsung C&T humanfit smart suit

    Published on Sep 6, 2015

    Samsung C&T introduces humanfit with a new smart suit which uses NFC buttons to transfer business cards or websites to your phone.

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    The HumanFit; World's first smart clothing brand by Samsung - First look at CES 2016

    Published on Jan 6, 2016

    The Human Fit introduces fashion garments and accessories on top of smartphone applications and information technology accessories under the concept of “adding technology to style.”

    Samsung has figured out how to work these little sensors into workout attire, mens suits and even buttons, to keep up with the growing demand of fitness tracking accessories.

    During the demonstration on the conference room floor at #CES2016, a man in a sleeveless shirt and shorts ran in place to show off how accurate the embedded sensors worked in "The Humanfit" clothing, by Samsung. Every step he took tallied onto his smartphone.

    The clothing looked as normal as any UnderArmor or Nike workout gear you'd buy at a store.

    The belt looked like a something you'd find at Express or Macy's.

    On top of fitness tracking, Samsung developed a solar powered purse called the "Sol Bag." This bag was actually charging a battery as the press took pictures of the product. The purse didn't look like any other purse on the market, probably because the Sol Bag has solar panels on the front of it.

    Samsung says all of this clothing is not for sale quite yet because its still trying to perfect the technology.

    All of the movement sensors and clothing would work along with a downloaded app to your phone, via the Google Play store, a Samsung spokesperson said.

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    Article "Samsung's weird wearables include a smart suit and solar purse"
    Samsung put NFC tags in a suit for some reason.

    by Devindra Hardawar
    October 1, 2016

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