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Thread: SANOVO Egg Palletizer, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, Odense, Denmark

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    SANOVO Mini Palletizer

    Published on Sep 25, 2012

    The Mini Palletizer is a Cartesian robot able to palletize at a speed of 72.000 eggs/hour with plastic trays* or pulp trays. It can handle plastic or carton interlayers as well as plastic or wooden pallets within the most used dimension standards.
    Mini Palletizer can be installed downstream of a Farm Packers as well as a Grader, offering solutions from 1 to 2 incoming stack's conveyors and single full pallet positions, and the full pallet can be ejected automatically or manually. Very useful is the ntegration of a weighing system on at the end of the full pallet exit roller conveyor, including a printed label to facilitate recognition and source.

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