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Thread: International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems (DARS)

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    International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems (DARS)

    13th International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems (DARS), 6-9 November 2016, Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom

    Website -

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    DARS 2016 trailer

    Published on Nov 6, 2016

    TRAILER - DARS 2016

    Showcasing a selection of the research presented at the
    13th International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems

    Nov 6-9, 2016. Natural History Museum, London, UK

    Link to the trailer:

    Corresponding Papers
    Below the list of papers featured in the trailer. Please feel free to contact the authors for more information.

    Robust Coordinated Aerial Deployments for Theatrical Applications Given Online User Interaction via Behavior Composition
    Ellen Cappo, Arjav Desai, Nathan Michael

    Programmable Self-Disassembly for Shape Formation in Large-Scale Robot Collectives
    Melvin Gauci, Radhika Nagpal, Michael Rubenstein

    Geometrical study of a quasi-spherical module for building programmable matter
    Beno?t Piranda, Julien Bourgeois

    Vertex: A New Distributed Underwater Robotic Platform for Environmental Monitoring
    Felix Schill, Alexander Bahr, Alcherio Martinoli

    Distributed Camouflage for Swarm Robotics and Smart Materials
    Yang Li, John Klingner, Nikolaus Correll

    OuijaBots: Omnidirectional Robots for Cooperative Object Transport with Rotation Control using No Communication
    Zijian Wang, Guang Yang, Xuanshuo Su, Mac Schwager

    Effects of Spatiality on Value-Sensitive Decisions by Robot Swarms
    Andreagiovanni Reina, Thomas Bose, Vito Trianni, James Marshall

    A Comparative Study of Collision Avoidance Algorithms for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Performance and Robustness to Noise
    Steven Roelofsen, Denis Gillet, Alcherio Martinoli

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