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    Comparing Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant

    Published on Feb 6, 2018

    We ask Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant questions to find out how they differ.

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    How to activate SMS via your smart speaker!

    Published on Jul 2, 2018

    Smart speakers are entering more and more households, and users can utilize the digital assistants to get answers and help with more and more everyday questions and tasks. Experience an innovative demonstration on how you could also send and receive SMS to a smart speaker.

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    Battle of the Smart Displays - Amazon Echo Show vs Google Home Hub

    Published on Nov 15, 2018

    The Google Home Hub vs. Amazon Echo Show: which is better? Both are smart displays that control your smart home, but that's where the similarities end. This comparison design, features, price and more to find out which is right for you.

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