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Thread: Mecha Frame mechs, T-Fun Co., Ltd., Taiwan

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    MyBuild MECHA FRAME 5

    Published on Feb 4, 2015

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    Mecha Frame 5 - Robot Block Series - Episode 1 (Frame Kit)

    Published on Dec 6, 2016

    Today we look at a new robot series by MyBuild. In this episode we look over all 4 robots and talk about their core structure.

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    Mecha Frame 5 - Base Defender - Episode 2

    Published on Dec 8, 2016

    Today we build and play with Base Defender, a Mecha Frame 5 robot from MyBuild. We go over the contents and all the small details that come with it. Overall its a real cool piece! hope you guys enjoy this video

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    Unboxing and lets play - KEIJI - MECHA FRAME 5 - MyBuild - Lego Custom

    Published on Sep 4, 2017

    Today we unbox and build the Keiji Mech robot! This warrior was inspired by a Japanese military science fiction novel that is built off a unique frame by MyBuild.

    Machine Information ​
    Operated by : Keiji Kiriya
    Model: Advanced tactical type
    Weaponry: Two-Hand Sword
    Usage: Combat
    Specifications: Reaction Armor (Chestplate / Legguards)
    Helmet-mounted display (HMD) system
    Height: 4.5 meters
    Weight: 1750 kilograms

    Inspiration of the Mech Designs
    The mech designs were inspired by a sci-fi light novel "All You Need Is Kill”, the original story is remarkable , and was adapted into the movie "Edge of Tomorrow" and a graphic novel was also published. In the original setting, the soldiers wear fighter armors, as for our design concept they are the military exoskeletons dedicated for Keiji and Rita. They control these advanced large battle machines with highly mobility and operate their own powerful weaponry in the combat. The new frame designs support dynamic range of movement with their weapons.

    About the Original Story
    Earth is attacked by the monster called Mimics, but the front line of human’s military looks fall back. Two soldiers Keiji Kiriya and Rita Vrataski find themselves trapped in time loops in the battlefield. Choose to survive alone or going through the cycle of death and rebirth, how do they choose between their lives and human's survival?

    Weaponry Setting
    The dedicated mechs have distinctive armament that Rita holds a destructive power of Battle Ax while Keiji's weapon is set to hold a very large piece of Two-Handed Sword with an excellent attack range.

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    Unboxing & lets play - Ritya Mecha Frame 5 - MyBuild - Lego Custom

    Published on Feb 4, 2018

    Today we unbox and build the Rita Mech robot! This warrior was inspired by a Japanese military science fiction novel that is built off a unique frame by MyBuild.

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