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Thread: PogoCam, look and shoot camera attachable to eyewear, PogoTec, Inc., Roanoke, Virginia, USA

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    PogoCam, look and shoot camera attachable to eyewear, PogoTec, Inc., Roanoke, Virginia, USA

    Manufacturer - PogoTec, Inc.

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    Article "PogoCam is a unique, modular take on camera glasses"
    Face: the final frontier of wearable tech?

    by Sean O'Kane
    November 29, 2016

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    Meet PogoCam!

    Published on Jan 3, 2017

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    CES 2017: PogoCam makes glasses-worn cameras more fashionable

    Published on Jan 6, 2017

    With Google Glass and others, we've seen the concept of cameras attached to glasses. But the effect has been a bit clunky up until now. PogoCam brings a small 5MP 720p camera to a pair of normal-looking glasses, attaching to one of the sidebars. And it can be easily removed if you're in a environment where having a camera on the side of your head isn't appropriate. The glasses are available in many styles and really do just look like the kind of glasses anyone would be wearing.

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    HD camera for eyewear: Better than Spy Glasses

    Published on May 26, 2017

    Ever wanted Spy Glasses to capture that amazing POV shot, but didn't want the creepiness factor? Check out PogoCam. We make a tiny removable HD camera that attaches to the glasses you already own.

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    PogoCam: turn regular glasses into camera glasses

    Published on Dec 8, 2017

    PogoCam is an HD Video camera that fits onto any pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses. Unlike traditional DVR sunglasses, you can remove it whenever you want. Also - since it works with the glasses you already own, it can match your style (better). $150. 720p & 5MP camera.

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