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Thread: RobotKeeper, Koln, Germany

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    RobotKeeper, Koln, Germany

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    The RoboKeeper's eyes are two cameras, which take up to 90 pictures per second. They are positioned above the goal, pinpoint the ball and then follow its trajectory. The ball has to have a color that distinguishes it from the background.
    An image processing software uses these images to calculate the ball's probable point of impact on the goal. This information is transmitted in real time to the motor control, which is responsible for setting the RoboKeeper in motion.
    All of this happens within fractions of a second; after all a well-kicked ball can attain a speed of well over 100 km/h. The penalty mark for the RoboKeeper is about 9 meters from the goal, leaving only 0.3 seconds to bring the goalie, which is attached to a high performance gear mechanism, into the right position. The RoboKeeper hereby accelerates 17 times faster than a Formula 1 racing car.

    Even professional football players have had to experience, how hard it is to score against the RoboKeeper. To ensure a fair challenge for everyone, it can be set to one of seven different levels of difficulty. In this way the RoboKeeper adjusts to the players' level of proficiency. Every participant has a real chance of beating the RoboKeeper.
    Shooting a penalty against the RoboKeeper feels like being in a real stadium - with a grass playing field, fans in the stands, perimeter advertising boards and floodlights. Sound effects, such as stadium noise and the crowd cheering a goal, are optional.
    Thanks to the floodlights the RoboKeeper can be used day and night. And the machinery is protected in such a way that the module can be operated while it is raining.
    In case the available space is not sufficient, the standard module with a length of 11 m can be reduced to a length of 8 m.

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    Messi VS RobotKaleci

    Published on Oct 13, 2014

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    RoboKeeper Test for Messi Competition

    Published on Aug 21, 2012

    RoboKeeper in its new version is faster and will be ready for the competion with Messi but also for your events visit

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    Autonomous Robotic Goalkeeper in Soccer Football Penalty Shoot-out demonstration GSL 2014

    Published on Apr 18, 2014

    Here we have a very special autonomous robot that has been designed to monitor the soccer ball as it moves towards the goal area. The computer program then calculates the movement of the ball, its speed, height, direction and then moves the 'goalkeeper' to block the ball. It is remarkably successful at tracking the ball in 3D and in this demonstration only 1 ball gets past the 'goalkeeper'.
    After the Gadget Show Presenters have a few goes two sporty chaps from the audience step up to the plate and have a penalty shoot-out contest to win a prize. Tom plays some football and Scott mostly basketball.
    Congratulations to Tom!
    I filmed this at the Gadget Show Live 2014 show held annually at the UK's, Birmingham NEC on 22nd April 2014.

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    Messi VS RobotKeeper

    Published on Apr 10, 2013

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    Amazing robotic keeper challenges

    Published on Nov 6, 2016

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