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    The Zeeq smart pillow

    Published on Jan 6, 2017

    This smart pillow vibrates when you snore to get you to change positions.

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    Published on Jan 19, 2017

    In the future, will we eliminate the need for sleep? Is it possible to get by on just a few hours' rest, or no sleep at all? We take a look at slumberland and how technology might play a role in helping us get the rest we need.

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    The sleep enhancing headband

    Published on May 1, 2017

    This is the headband that optimizes the quality of your slumber with a series of self-adjusting rhythmic binaural beats. It gently calms the brain’s level of activity, helping lull one to sleep and maintain a peaceful hibernation. While asleep, the device monitors brain wave activity using conductive fabric sensors and adjusts its rhythmic beats to help you maintain a deep sleep status. A free app compatible with iOS and Android smartphones connects to the device and provides sleep monitoring feedback including the time it took you to fall asleep, REM sessions, amount of time slept, and the level of sleep throughout the night (restless, light, deep). The device’s speakers and technology are unobtrusively tucked inside the lightweight and breathable headband, keeping you comfortable throughout the night without constricting cords or clunky equipment.

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    This portable mattress lets you nap whenever you want

    Published on Jun 4, 2017

    I made a portable mattress and it's magnificent.
    Developer - Simone Giertz

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    Article "New AI algorithm monitors sleep with radio waves"
    Patients with sleep disorders could be studied nonintrusively at home using wireless signals.

    by Anne Trafton
    August 6, 2017

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    Bed or chair? No, this is a transformer!

    Published on Nov 10, 2017

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    The Only Responsive Smart Bed

    Published on Jan 31, 2018

    This is the only smart bed that helps alleviate back pain and other aches by monitoring your sleeping position and automatically responding with your desired amount of support. Paired with an app available for smartphone or tablet, the unique bed monitors nearly 2,000 pressure points across the body and adjusts overnight to provide each sleeper’s preferred level of firmness in five zones under the head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, and legs. Three operating modes lock in these settings in advance or continuously adjust depending on your position. All mechanical components are imperceptible beneath layers of dense memory foam, and the medical-grade, leak-resistant air chambers inflate and deflate quietly to not interrupt shuteye.

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