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Thread: Bixby, intelligent personal voice assistant, Samsung Group, Seoul, South Korea

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    Bixby: official introduction

    Published on Nov 27, 2018

    Say Hi to the new Bixby, Samsubg's intelligent assistant.

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    Bixby: How to use Bixby without Bixby key

    Published on Apr 26, 2019

    Still wondering how to use Bixby without the Bixby key on Galaxy A80/70/60/50? Simple! Find the Bixby app icon or use the power key as Bixby key.

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    How to Work with Bixby Marketplace and Capsules

    Published on Aug 12, 2019

    Get to Know Bixby Marketplace is a 45-minute webinar hosted by Roger Kibbe, Developer Evangelist for Samsung and Viv Labs. His 30-minute presentation, followed by a 15-minute Q & A session, covers the following topics:

    * Introduction to Bixby Marketplace
    * Hands-on Capsule development
    * Process of readying your Capsule for Marketplace
    * How end user enables a Capsule on the phone with Bixby

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