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Thread: Flippy, kitchen robot, Miso Robotics, Pasadena, California, USA

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    Flippy, kitchen robot, Miso Robotics, Pasadena, California, USA

    Developer - Miso Robotics

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    Miso Robotics Flippy Robot flips burgers like it's its job

    Published on Mar 7, 2017

    To help keep human cooks out of harm’s way while fulfilling our collective appetite for burgers, a Pasadena-based Miso Robotics is rolling out a new, “robotic kitchen assistant” called Flippy.
    "Meet Flippy, a burger-grilling robot from Miso Robotics and CaliBurger"

    by Lora Kolodny
    March 7, 2017

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    Miso shows off its hamburger flipping robot

    Published on Feb 15, 2018

    Weeks before rolling out to restaurants, Miso robotics shows off the latest version of Flippy
    "Miso scores $10 million to bring its hamburger-flipping robot to more restaurants"

    by Brian Heater
    February 15, 2018

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    Robots have officially taken over... Flipping our burgers

    Published on Mar 28, 2018

    Meet Flippy, the burger cooking robot! Kim breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

    "Looking like a large arm swathed in a chef jacket and mounted on a cart, it comes with a spatula at one end. Using thermal imaging and cameras, Flippy can tell when a burger needs to be flipped and taken off the heat. Flippy can also switch out dirty spatulas for clean ones, and can even scrape the grill. According to local news outlet KTLA, artificial intelligence is a part of its programming, meaning that Flippy has the potential to get better at its job over time."
    "Flippy, the Burger-Flipping Robot, Is Now Gainfully Employed"
    The more burgers it makes, the smarter it gets.

    by Anne Ewbank
    March 5, 2018

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