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Thread: HC10, collaborative robot, Yaskawa America, Miamisburg, Ohio, USA

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    MOTOMAN HC10 - Human Collaborative Robot

    Published on Aug 31, 2016

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    Yaskawa HC10 collaborative robot

    Published on Oct 7, 2016

    Featuring a speed- and force-limited design, the HC10 collaborative robot works safely with, or in close proximity to humans. Easy to "teach by demonstration" or simple programming, it is fast to deploy or redeploy on demand. The HC10 is easily adaptable to changing requirements and can perform a broad range of material handling, machine tending or light assembly tasks.

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    Collaborative Automation

    Published on Apr 12, 2017

    This video demonstrates the key features, capabilities and compatible grippers available for the new HC10 collaborative robot.

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    MOTOMAN HC10 сollaborative robot

    Published on Jan 18, 2018

    Assembly and handover of bottle openers

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    HC10 Collaborative Robot

    Published on Sep 10, 2018

    Yaskawa Motoman's human collaborative HC10 robot is a capable, safe, affordable, and easy to use model that delivers industrial robot performance and safety. It is ideal for automating tasks that require a robot to work near humans, where space is limited, and where the robot may need to be frequently redeployed.

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