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Thread: AutoML project, Google Inc., Mountain View, California, USA

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    AutoML project, Google Inc., Mountain View, California, USA

    Developer - Google Inc.

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    Article "Why Google’s CEO Is Excited About Automating Artificial Intelligence"
    AI software that can help make AI software could accelerate progress on making computers smarter.

    by Tom Simonite
    May 17, 2017

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    Article "Google’s Machine Learning Software Has Learned to Replicate Itself"
    Google designed its AutoML project to be an artificial intelligence that could help humans create other AI systems. Now AutoML can do that, and it's creating more powerful, efficient systems than human engineers can.

    by Karla Lant
    October 16, 2017

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    Article "Building A.I. That Can Build A.I."
    Google and others, fighting for a small pool of researchers, are looking for
    automated ways to deal with a shortage of artificial intelligence experts.

    by Cade Metz
    November 5, 2017

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    "AutoML for large scale image classification and object detection"

    by Barret Zoph, Vijay Vasudevan, Jonathon Shlens, Quoc Le
    November 2, 2017

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