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Thread: CocktailBot 4.0, FZI Research Center for Information Technology, Berlin, Germany

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    CocktailBot 4.0, FZI Research Center for Information Technology, Berlin, Germany

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    ROS-I applications | Cocktail Bot 4.0 – Five robots make your personal drinks

    Published on Jul 25, 2017

    This innovative ROS-I application was presented at Stallwächter Party, July 2017 in Berlin. Five robots and four grippers from different manufacturers are controlled together to make individual drinks. Besides these robotic components two conveyor belts and a camera are used in this industry 4.0 setup. Special 3D-printed gripper finger were developed to allow the robots to grasp the glasses from the rack, drop ice cubes into the glass, add the selected liquor and soft drink, insert the straw and hand-over the drink to the user. All robots are synchronized and controlled by the FZI MotionPipeline, using the ROS industrial framework. The user can simply order via a web-based GUI on a tablet and does not have to care about the complex system behind the Cocktail Bot 4.0. There are more than 20 different drinks that can be order. Directly after the order was placed, the robots will start to do their job depending on desired drink and current glass position. The glasses are constantly tracked on the conveyor belt by implementing a virtual Dynamic Vision Sensor approach. Together with a Kalman Filter for each glass this makes it possible to detect these difficult, transparent objects at all times. All motions are scheduled by the BarBot Manager based on the tracked glass position. This system also displays the current status of the order on the interactive output table. All in all, the Cocktail Bot 4.0 demonstrates how flexible, robot-supported manufacturing processes in tomorrows’ digital production can look like.

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Социальные закладки

Социальные закладки

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