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Thread: HEXA, hexapod robot, Vincross Inc., Beijing, China

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    HEXA, hexapod robot, Vincross Inc., Beijing, China

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    HEXA intro

    Published on Mar 27, 2016

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    HEXA Cosplays a Tachikoma

    Published on Apr 11, 2017

    A user named Ghostintheshell from Vincross forum made a shell for HEXA and turned it into a Tachikoma from GhostInTheShell.

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    HEXA the bull

    Published on Aug 8, 2017

    One of our beta users programmed his HEXA to see and chase red like a bull.

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    Unboxing six-legged robot HEXA

    Published on Feb 28, 2017

    My little robot HEXA arrived! Let's see what I can do with it...

    I'm gonna try the developer SDK soonish and there will be another video coming out as well.

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    Unboxing and lets play - HEXA the all-terrain smart hexapod robot by Vincross

    Published on Aug 12, 2017

    Today we unbox and test out the all new HEXA! This amazing six-legged robot can walk, run, climb, and travel across rough terrain! With many sensors and servos, this robot is a strong easy to use platform for both robotic expert enthusitasts and beginners!

    In this video, we unbox and setup HEXA. Then we go into the basic functions of explorer mode, rescuing our good buddy Cozmo using Night Vision! Then we go over the other apps such as Dance, Bull fighting, and much more!

    I’m an all-terrain hexapod robot. I fit in a backpack. I have a variety of sensors, an open operating system, and an easy-to-use SDK. I’m the starting point of an artificial life. It’s nice to meet you.
    Watch video

    Six legs, each has 3 degrees of freedom (DoF)

    HEXA’s head can endlessly spin

    Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 @ 1GHz Multiple co-processors

    Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n HEXA can act as an Wi-Fi access point

    3-axis accelerometer
    Infrared transmitter
    Distance measuring sensor

    720p video shooting with hardware encoding

    Audio input & output
    5V/3V3 Power Output

    Operating System
    Vincross MIND 1.0
    Based on Linux Kernel

    Battery life: 4 hours Charging time: 1.5 hours (cable charging) or 2 hours (wireless charging)

    8 GB

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    An Introduction of HEXA ---the programmable, highly maneuverable robot

    Published on Aug 15, 2017

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    Vincross HEXA Hexapod Robot unboxing and review

    Published on Nov 16, 2017

    This video is a paid review for the Vincross HEXA Hexapod robot. I show the unboxing and setup for the robot, and also 3D print a custom piece to interface to the hardware and open source API.

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    Meet the spiderlike robot that teaches coding

    Published on Jun 22, 2018

    Programming robots can be difficult but this little robot tries to change that. The hexapod comes with its own operating system that allows people to easily program commands for the robot. The developers hope Hexa will be a pathway into robot coding.

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