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Thread: Sonos One, smart speaker, Sonos, Inc., Santa Barbara, California, USA

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    The Not-So-Smart Home vs. The Sonos Home

    Published on Apr 24, 2018

    Other speakers just want to grab your attention, constantly interrupting you with reminders. It’s time to laugh at the demanding alerts, at the ubiquitous pucks, at the “smart” objects that aren’t particularly smart. You’re better than this.

    Listen better to the TV, movies and music you love with Sonos, the only smart home sound system you want to listen to.

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    Serge, The Speaker vs. The Sonos System

    Published on Apr 24, 2018

    It’s time to stop letting a tech company limit your listening experience. No one wants to be trapped listening to just one music service, missing out on Spotify playlists, Pandora and more. You’re better than this. Instead get all the music you love, on any service.

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    What is Sonos

    Published on Nov 6, 2018

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