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Thread: LiveEngage, messaging platform, LivePerson, Inc., New York City, USA

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    LiveEngage, messaging platform, LivePerson, Inc., New York City, USA

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    LivePerson and IBM Watson created an AI-powered chat and messaging platform for customer service

    Published on Oct 25, 2017

    LivePerson seamlessly integrated Watson's AI and conversational technology with their human agents to create LiveEngage, a customer care platform that get smarter with every interaction.The conversational agents or chatbots can address up to 80% of commonly asked Tier 1 support questions, but can also escalate issues to a human agent if necessary.

    As customer service becomes more self-service and messaging-driven, brands must deliver solutions that make the most of AI capabilities, while still empowering agents to continue doing what they do best.

    The new "Cognitive Care Centers of Excellence" enable brands to drive this change at scale, allowing customers to interact via mobile apps, SMS, Facebook Messenger, mobile sites etc.

    Explore how your call center can use AI and chatbots to improve resolution times, reduce costs and delight customers.

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Социальные закладки

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