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Thread: Remote Truck Automated Airfield Ground Maintenance, Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany

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    Remote Truck Automated Airfield Ground Maintenance, Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany

    Developer - Daimler AG

    The new Arocs.

    Mercedes-Benz Arocs on Wikipedia

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    Mercedes-Benz Remote Truck Automated Airfield Ground Maintenance

    Published on Oct 17, 2017

    • Self-driving snow removal vehicles in test operations with Fraport
    • Premiere of the latest Mercedes-Benz "Remote Truck Interface" technology
    • Real-time data sharing among all vehicles
    • Airfield clearance requires high-precision driving: the Arocs makes it possible
    • Proven series-production technology is the basis for advanced innovative solutions

    The four Arocs test vehicles are equipped with the new Remote Truck Interface (RTI) for remotely controlling vehicle functions and exchanging data. The RTI is the centrepiece of the new technology, for which Daimler can draw on a significant pool of knowledge and engineering from projects such as the advanced Highway Pilot and Highway Pilot Connect systems.

    All vehicles are fully interlinked via the RTI by means of telematic systems, all operate automated and all are able to lead or follow in the vehicle convoy. Specifically, this means that a convoy leader chooses a random unit from a fleet of available semitrailer combinations and defines this as the "lead truck". He then uses a control panel to define the number and sequence of the other convoy vehicles, and conducts a pre-operation inspection of his and all other semitrailer combinations.

    What sounds simple is actually just as simple in practice. However, the complexity of the software behind it is enormous. All vehicles are equipped with dual GPS tracking (DGPS) and of course state-of-the-art vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V communication) technology.

    In addition, the interplay of the innovative RTI and the remote control unit provides extremely fast and not least secure date exchange among vehicles. To make this work in real time, a full data exchange between the vehicles and the main control unit of the RTI takes place every 0.1 seconds. The transmissions in the area of V2V communication are based on the "Digital Short Range Communication DSRC“ technology.

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