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Thread: Amazon Echo Family, smart speakers,, Inc., Seattle, Washington, USA

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    Article "5 outdated items Amazon Echo can replace in your house"
    Your Alexa speaker can free up some space in your home by taking on the role other devices used to.

    by Katie Conner
    August 25, 2020

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    Article "Why Amazon radically redesigned the Echo"
    You may be ordering one for Black Friday. But why is it shaped like that?

    by Mark Wilson
    November 19, 2020

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    Article "Amazon opens preorders for the Echo Show 10 smart display"
    The $250 Echo Show 10 can rotate its display to follow you around the room; preorders have begun.

    by Molly Price
    January 27, 2021

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    Article "Amazon Debuts New Alexa-Powered Echo Speakers, Budget Wireless Earbuds"
    The new Echo Pop joins the updated Show 5, which has a faster processor and better sound quality.

    by Ty Pendlebury
    May 17, 2023

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    Article "What's the Price of a Complete Amazon Alexa Smart Home? I Did the Math to Find Out"
    I did the math to determine the cost of three Amazon smart home setups, from just the Alexa essentials to a full deck of Alexa gadgets.

    by Macy Meyer
    June 16, 2023

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